It's not you, it's us!

Depression and anxiety can be isolating. Our unique treatment approach supports you as you better yourself and your community

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Community Supporting Community - It's not you, it's us!
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About Us

No need to suffer alone, come join our community.

Our unique approach to address mental health needs starts with one hour of therapeutic work each week. In addition to that hour, you will also volunteer for 1 - 4 hours each week. By combining these two elements, we believe that you can improve both your mental health and your community.

We understand that not everyone is able to make the time to volunteer 1 - 4 hours weekly. In these instances, we will be offering a "Donation Station". Whether you choose to donate non-perishable food, clothes, toys, home goods - the decision is yours. Items are then given to local nonprofits to give back to the community. This way, you are still helping others while also helping yourself.

Our Mission

Our goal is to serve the individual while serving the community.

  • Our biggest aspiration is to improve our community, both on an individual and collective level. Through our treatment model, we provide high-quality, individual mental health services and collaborate with the community to further enhance the services we offer. This allows the individuals we work with to then serve their community in some capacity.
  • We work with our community to offer a variety of volunteer experiences; from animals to nature to geriatrics.
  • We track progress through using evidence-based measures to assess how this treatment model is working for each individual. If it turns out this treatment model is not a good fit for you, we are able to adjust and personalize your treatment to what works best for you.

Meet our Board

Are you interested in vounteering on our board? Send us an email:

Tara West

Tara West


Stephanie Harris

Vice President

Kimberley Bryant


Andrea Cotone Robbins

Board Member

Heather Austin

Board Member

Lauren Rosenzweig


* A special "Thank you!" to Stacey of Stacey Grondin Photography for donating her time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us below.

  • Services are provided by licensed, mental health clinicians.

  • We work with a variety of individuals ages, 13 through 113.

  • We network with a variety of agencies, from animals to geriatrics to the environment; we want to have people participate in an area they enjoy. If there is an agency or a cause that you feel passionate about, talk with your clinician as we want the volunteer fit to be a positive experience.

  • Treatment is personalized to each individual. In general though, 6-12 months is the average length of time for participation with both Community Supporting Community (CSC) and at their volunteer agency. However, people may choose to continue to volunteer beyond their time with CSC.

  • This therapeutic model is based on studies that have looked at volunteering hours specifically. We are currently collecting data and hope to be able to compare these two groups in the future.

  • We do not accept insurance. We serve our community through grants and generous donations from our donors. If a person is able to pay the session fee without financial hardship we strongly encourage this, as this allows us to serve the greatest number of people in our community.